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Review byMatthew Turner02/04/2002

Three out of five stars
Running time: 131 mins

Directorial debut by Todd Field – an occasionally slow, but nonetheless thought-provoking emotional drama – it’s also hotly tipped for Oscar success for its two leads.

Director Todd Field is a familiar face from several independent films (Walking and Talking, Broken Vessels etc.) but is probably best known for playing Tom Cruise’s best friend in Eyes Wide Shut.

His time as an actor has obviously paid off when it comes to directing because he elicits a set of strong performances from his excellent cast, with both Spacek and Wilkinson in particular hotly-tipped to pick up Oscar nominations later this month.

The plot centres on Tom Wilkinson’s lobster-fisherman and his family – the title refers to a lobster-fishing term that is explained early in the film and serves as a metaphor throughout. Wilkinson’s and Spacek’s good-hearted son (Nick Stahl) is dating Marisa Tomei, despite the threatening presence of her psychotic ex-husband (William Mapother, disturbingly effective in the role).

When an unforeseen tragedy strikes, both Wilkinson and Spacek have to come to terms with their feelings for each other and their own reactions and emotions.

In The Bedroom is extremely well acted by all four main actors. Tomei is surprisingly good, clearly delighted to have the chance of some decent material instead of the ‘lead actress’s kooky best friend’ roles she’s had lately.

Stahl, too, is impressive – contrast his work here with his role as the psychotic bully in the upcoming ‘Bully’. However, it is Spacek and Wilkinson who really shine, both delivering superb, moving performances.

If there is a flaw it is that the film is perhaps a little too long and drags in a few places. Similarly, one particular incident in the film rings a little false. However, this action at least ensures that you’ll leave the cinema with plenty to argue about in the pub afterwards and that’s no bad thing.

Ultimately, In The Bedroom is worth watching for its strong performances, particularly in light of their probable Oscar nominations – as well as Spacek and Wilkinson it is also potentially in line for a Best Film nomination.

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In The Bedroom (15)
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