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Review byMatthew Turner22/07/2002

Three out of five stars
Running time: 93mins

Once upon a time horror films were visceral, pant-wettingly scary one-offs and sequels were an afterthought. There were no burger chain merchandising tie-ins, collectible figures or three-picture contracts. Mrs Voohees was the knife-wielding nut of Friday the 13th and her son Jason merely her motive.

Not anymore. After the lean years of shoddy, snigger-inducing sequels (lest we forget Jason Takes Manhattan) horror became self-reflexive, post-modern and cool. So what’s a mask-wearing psycho to do when it comes to his tenth cinematic outing? Get ironic and go into space, of course.

Human Popsicle

This time around our Jason (Hodder) has been cryogenically frozen during a spat in the 21st century with perky scientist Rowan (Doig) who has also made herself a popsicle in the process. Fast forward to 2455 when humans have colonised space and merely take field trips to earth. During one such trip a group of students unearth the icy bodies of Rowan and Jason and load them on-board their spaceship to thaw out.

Horny Teens

Naturally no-one listens when defrosted Rowan tells them Jason’s dangerous (his sartorial choice of hockey mask and machete might have been an indication) and before you can say Aliens Jason is loose, various crew members are wandering down dark corridors alone and horny teens are meeting inventively gruesome ends.

There is nothing original or skilful here but take heart in the fact that the filmmakers have got be extracting the Michael. Why else would the effects be so shoddy, the screenplay so derivative and the script so wilfully useless? It’s so wonderfully rubbish, campy and frankly, un-scary, that it’s rather like a panto version of Friday the 13th. A youth listening to a Walkman fails to hear Jason’s approach, an android (Ryder) blasts old hockey mask away screaming “Who’s your Momma?!” (gedditt?) and a grasping scientist quite literally gets iced. Go on, you just can't fail to smile.

Although purists will argue this is no way to treat such an icon of the slasher genre, Jason X does exactly what it says on the tin - offers unpretentious, no-brainer, disposable entertainment with a bum-friendly running time. A guilty pleasure.

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Jason X (15)
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