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Review byJennifer Tate17/04/2013

Three out of Five stars
Running time: 97 mins

An uplifting coming-of-age drama that marks Bernardo Bertolucci’s return to filmmaking, Me and You is enjoyable to watch and features two great performances, however, the female lead can often be grating and some aspects of the story are a little unbelievable.

What’s it all about?
Returning with his first film since 2003’s The Dreamers, Bernardo Bertolucci writes and directs this Italian-language drama about Lorenzo (Jacopo Olmo Aninori), a 14 year old loner who much prefers his own company, and that of rock ‘n’ roll, than hanging out with his peers and participating in school activities. When a school ski trip comes along, Lorenzo sees it as the perfect opportunity for some solitude and so skips the class trip to hide out in his building’s basement for a week with nothing but his favourite music, junk food and an ant farm for company. However, when Olivia (Tea Falco), his older and worldly half-sister arrives unexpectedly, everything changes and learning about her worrying heroin dependency, Lorenzo must find a way to adapt to his new company and see the world through whole new eyes.

The Good
After unsuccessful surgery following a fall in Rome, Bernardo Bertolucci and his fans believed that he would never work again and so it’s thrilling to see him return with this enjoyable and engaging film with two charismatic characters at its heart. Guiding the film effortlessly is Jacopo Olmo Antinori, a likeable sixteen year old whose natural performance proves he has an interesting acting future ahead. Private and lonely, but also content, his character Lorenzo is fascinating and his relationship with his older and more eccentric sister, Olivia, gives the film a compelling core relationship that a broad range of people will likely find endearing. Owing to Lorenzo’s wised-up taste in music, the soundtrack is expectedly infectious with the best of David Bowie, Arcade Fire and The Cure keeping his dream of total solitude alive and breathing life into many scenes. Finally, the strong finale packs a stirring punch and leaves you feeling rather uplifted.

The Bad
Although Olivia is commendably brought to life by Tea Falco and is far from dull to watch, she can be incredibly irritating at times and in certain parts, her character feels a little contrived. Finally, the whole story of Lorenzo tricking his over-protective mother into thinking that he’s on a ski trip, when really he is downstairs in the basement, doesn’t really feel plausible and therefore the film isn’t as effective as it wants to be.

Worth seeing?
Despite some flaws, Me and You makes for a perfect dose of light entertainment, thanks to its strong characters, interesting relationships and accomplished direction. It’s certainly great to have Bertolucci back.

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Me and You (Io e Te) (15)
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