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Review byMatthew Turner10/09/2009

One out of Five stars
Running time: 90 mins

Abysmal, laugh-free and frequently offensive comedy whose one or two original ideas are completely overshadowed by smutty, puerile gags and a plot that's so insultingly sexist that you wonder if it's part of an elaborate prank.

What's it all about?
Written and directed by Zach Cregger and Trevor Moore (part of Brooklyn comedy troupe The Whitest Kids U Know), Miss March stars Cregger as Eugene, a hapless virgin who wakes up from a four year coma to discover that his once chaste high school sweetheart Cindi (Raquel Alessi) has become a Playboy Playmate. Together with his outrageous, sex-obsessed best friend Tucker (Moore), Eugene takes a road trip across the country in order to rescue Cindi from the Playboy Mansion.

Along the way, the boys hitch a lift with Tucker's friend, rapper Horsedick.mpeg (Craig Robinson) and have various adventures involving amorous Eastern European lesbians and a horde of homicidal fire fighters. There's also the small matter of Tucker's vengeance-crazed epileptic girlfriend Candace (Molly Stanton), who is somehow pissed off that Tucker stabbed her in the face with a fork.

The Bad
Where to start? For one thing, Cregger's character is a total personality vacuum, while Moore looks and acts like the hyperactive love child of Jim Carrey and Matthew Lillard. Either way, both are deeply unsympathetic, annoying characters, to the point where you're actively wishing them harm by the halfway point.

Aside from the veritable deluge of toilet humour (a nervous diarrhoea gag is repeated several times), the most offensive thing about the film is the plot. The idea of Cindi needing to be rescued from her chosen profession is bad enough, but the supposedly inspirational speech that Hefner gives (“Every woman has a Bunny inside her”) is bound to draw sharp intakes of breath and whispers of “Oh... my... God...” from the audience.

The Worst
To be fair, the film does have one or two original gags (e.g. the all firemen are crazy running gag, or the boys being oblivious to the shagging lesbians after a few hours have passed) but these are swiftly drowned out by the stream of relentlessly misogynistic and criminally unfunny jokes. To add insult to injury, its big comical reveal at the end completely contradicts a gag in an earlier scene.

Worth seeing?
In short, Miss March is a strong contender for one of the worst films of the year. Avoid like your life depended on it.

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Miss March (15)
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