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Review byJennifer Tate19/10/2012

Four out of Five stars
Running time: 93 mins

This dark Canadian comedy about two guys who kidnap their boss’ daughter in a bid to seek revenge is side-splittingly funny and thoroughly entertaining, held together well by Kovac and Wallis, who prove their worth as a comedic duo.

What’s it all about?
Written and directed by Rob Grant, Mon Ami tells the story of two clumsy hardware store workers, Cal (Scott Wallis) and Teddy (Mike Kovac), who are sick of being work drones and a slave to their annoying and smug boss. To take revenge, the pair decide to tell their work colleagues and family that they’re taking a fishing trip, but instead they make camp in Cal’s parents house, kidnap their boss’ 19 year old daughter Crystal (Chelsey Reist) as she takes a morning jog, and hold her for ransom. However, when things quickly go wrong and Teddy’s wife calls every ten minutes interrupting their mission, the amateur pair soon finds themselves embroiled in a bloodbath spiralling out of control.

The Good
If you thought the antics that took place in Horrible Bosses was a joke gone too far, then Mon Ami is on a whole new level. Delightfully funny and completely over the top, this Canadian comedy truly pushes the boundaries and is thoroughly entertaining from start to finish, with the side-splittingly hilarious kidnapping scene being the standout moment. The script relies on a lot of guy humour (jealous, possessive ex-wife? Check!), but is consistently decent and effectively communicates the layers of the two leads and their longstanding friendship.

The Great
Whilst the whole ‘best friend jealous of the wife’ gaff has been seen and done before, Mon Ami is a refreshing comedy that pushes the talent of relatively unknown actors Kovac and Wallis into the spotlight and proves the comedic duo are more than capable of carrying a feature film. They share convincing onscreen chemistry and continuously bounce off each other both verbally and physically. The supporting cast are also worthy of note and the arrival of Teddy’s wife Liz (played by Teagan Vincze, who has fantastic comedy timing) makes for hysterical viewing, proving that to make an effective comedy household names and huge PR campaigns are not essential – a humorous dialogue, a likeable and outgoing cast and a solid plot are all it takes.

Worth seeing?
Delightfully funny and brilliantly refreshing, with its strong comedic cast and solid plot, Mon Ami is a comedy that’s not to be missed. Highly recommended.

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