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Review byMatthew Turner02/08/2006

Four out of Five stars
Running time: 95 mins

Enjoyable romcom with a snappy script, sharp performances and some off-the-wall comic moments.

What's it all about?
Luke Wilson plays Matt, an unlucky in love architect who thinks his luck has changed when he meets nerdy Jenny (Uma Thurman), especially when she turns out to be the alter ego of superhero G-Girl. However, she also turns out to be pathologically needy and jealous of Matt's pretty colleague Hannah (Anna Faris), so Matt dumps her, only for her to go mental and exact her revenge, superhero-style.

The Good
Director Ivan Reitman is a good choice for this sort of thing – like Evolution, it's undeniably silly but extremely entertaining with it. The script is very witty and makes the most of its comic premise, with several good superhero gags and a decent, well thought-out plot.

The effects are fairly cheap-looking but they work well enough and the film deserves some sort of Funniest Use of CGI award for its biggest comic set-piece, which seems to come out of nowhere. Predictably, the trailer gives it away, so avoid the trailer if at all possible.

The Great
What really makes the film work, however, is its full house of comic performances. Luke Wilson's goofy everyman persona (he's even developed a bit of a paunch – now that's dedication to the craft) provides the perfect foil to Thurman, who's both super-cool as G-Girl and subtly, but increasingly scarily unbalanced as Jenny.

There's also terrific support from Anna Faris, who's as feisty and appealing here as she always is, while Rainn Wilson is hilarious and almost steals the movie as Vaughn, Matt's furiously outspoken friend and colleague. In addition, Eddie Izzard wisely underplays his role as G-Girl's nemesis Professor Bedlam, to winning effect.

Worth seeing?
In short, My Super Ex-Girlfriend is frequently hilarious and Reitman maintains a lively comic pace throughout. It's all very silly indeed but it's worth seeing for its comic performances and some inventive gags. Recommended.

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My Super Ex-Girlfriend (12A)
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