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Review byJennifer Tate12/10/2012

Four out of Five stars
Running time: 70 mins

Completely absorbing, Radioman is an enthralling, if not slightly biased documentary about an incredibly fascinating and charismatic personality, who has wormed his way into the elite circle of filmmaking.

What’s it all about?
Directed by Mary Kerr, Radioman tells the real-life story of Craig Castaldo, a former homeless man in New York, who now makes a living stalking New York film sets and acting as an extra in many high-profile movies. Radioman follows Craig as he runs his day-to-day errands as a New York film set mascot, chats to his famous actor friends and takes the big leap to LA, where he hopes to attend that year’s Academy Awards ceremony. A list of famous names including Tom Hanks and George Clooney discuss the character of Radioman and what his presence has come to mean on New York film sets.

The Good
Radioman is a well edited and engaging documentary, which fruitfully communicates the fascinating character of Radioman, who despite being over 60 is an endearingly adolescent and loveable, if not slightly deluded, personality. Strong-minded and incredibly opinionated, Radioman sometimes plays up for the camera but his gutsy and slightly crazy antics and his rants about famous names – Robert Pattinson and Sean Penn, for example – make for truly good entertainment.

The documentary delves deep into the New York film groupie’s childhood and past to present a logical understanding as to why he does what he does, and how his heavy drinking and living on the street forced him to pick himself up and pursue his passion for movies. Radioman also shows enjoyable clips of the film enthusiast in the background of a string of high-profile movies, including Spider-Man 3, Godzilla and Shutter Island, and it’s fascinating to see and listen to such high profile actors in awe of his passionate dedication to films and actors.

The Bad
Even though it’s completely engaging, Radioman is ultimately a one-sided documentary with a biased view of its leading subject. It would have been great if the documentary had shown how celebrities react when Radioman’s constant presence and persistency push them over the top, as the short clip of Anne Hathaway politely brushing him off in LA most certainly whets an appetite.

Worth seeing?
Thoroughly engaging and completely unforgettable, Radioman is a compelling documentary, which presents a quick peek into the crazy life of one of New York’s most intriguing characters. Highly recommended.

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Radioman (15)
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