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Review byMatthew Turner12/05/2005

Three out of Five stars
Running time: 87 mins

Hit-and-miss comedy horror that is often extremely funny, thanks to a splattering of decent gags and an impressive comedy turn from Jennifer Tilly.

Creator Don Mancini resurrected his Child’s Play franchise with 1998’s Bride of Chucky (aka ‘Chucky Gets Lucky’), which moved away from straightforward slasher horror into more tongue-in-cheek horror-comedy. Seed of Chucky, the fifth film in the Child’s Play series, is very much in the same vein.

As such, it’s an amusing mix of self-referential gags, horror movie pastiche and more film references than you can shake a dismembered limb at.

Misguided Son Resurrects Psychopathic Parents

After a credits sequence that features what are presumably Killer Doll sperm fertilising a Killer Doll egg (the mind boggles), the film opens on Chucky and Tiffany’s son Glen (voiced by Billy Boyd), who’s forced to perform in an English freakshow at – where else? - Glastonbury.

When he learns that his parents (Brad Dourif as Chucky and Jennifer Tilly as Tiffany) are “starring” in a Hollywood movie he travels to La-La Land and brings them back to life using his father’s magic amulet. However, Glen has underestimated his parents and he’s horrified to discover that they’re both homicidal maniacs…

Things get more complicated for the new family when they discover that Glen was born anatomically incorrect, as Tiffany wants a girl and Chucky wants a boy. All this starts as an amusing reference to Ed Wood’s Glen or Glenda? but dove-tails into a brilliant Psycho pastiche that’s probably the funniest moment in the film.

Glen (or is it Glenda) persuades his parents that they’re ‘murder addicts’ and urges them to give up killing. However, when they meet the real Jennifer Tilly and rapper-turned-producer Redman, they decide to have one last shot at the old ‘kill someone in a bizarre ritual and inhabit their bodies’ thing…

Tilly Makes It All Work

It’s impossible to imagine this film working at all without Jennifer Tilly. Apart from doing a brilliant job on Tiffany’s voice she also sends herself up to hilarious effect – particularly when she plots to sleep with Redman so he’ll cast her as the Virgin Mary in his new Biblical epic.

The supporting cast are equally good. Dourif somehow manages to make Chucky quite likeable, even when he’s off on another killing spree, while Billy Boyd has obviously based his performance on Pip from South Park. There’s also good comic support from Redman (having as much fun as Tilly in sending himself up) and the Pope of Trash himself, John Waters as a sleazy paparazzo.

There’s a definite sense of writer-director Mancini (directing for the first time) just referencing his favourite movies and throwing anything at the screen in the hopes that some of it will stick. This is irritating at first, but gradually you get won over by the sheer inanity of it all.

In short, Seed of Chucky is worth seeing, particularly if you’re a fan of the series so far. However, you don’t need to have seen any other Chucky films to understand and enjoy this. It’s messy and not all of it works but there’s more than enough here to make it worth your while.

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Seed of Chucky (15)
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