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The Boat That Rocked
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Reviewer glynis3
Well once again our pompous critics have tried to spoil the possibility of success for really feel-good, fun movie! It was GREAT!! 5 of us went to see it last week, and we loved it.
As reluctantly acknowledged by the critics, it was really well acted, and captured the feel of the era in a fun way.
Just because there was no high drama - well not much of it anyway - and soul searching , it should not be maligned. There was enough loyalty, naughty behaviour, and coming of age in it to satisfy most. Who says a crowd-pleaser can't be a good movie?
I hope it does well - and as for the length of time - I was sorry to see it end after 2 hrs 7 minutes( NOT 2 hrs40mins as that critic said - I bet he didn't even go to see it )
Enough with war, cyber-men, and beating your breast - go see a movies that makes you feel good!!

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Reviewer Bladesman
Well, sorry to be another reviewer not agreeing with the "expert", but this film was excellent.

has he actually seen the film or just copied his review from the daily papers?

The against them...simple as that! Not difficult to spot, if you could actually be bothered to watch the film!

So what would you expect a bunch of sex-starved DJs on a boat in the middle of the North sea tho behave like?

Answers on a post card please to Matthew Turner! Oh....and Twatt would be a really juvenile joke the same way as Darling would be I suspect!

I short no guns, no blood, no violence, loads of laughs (for anyone who hasn't had a sense of humour bypass anyway), fantastic soundtrack and a terrific feel good film from "Sir" Richard, AS USUAL!
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The film is ace and very funny. Sometimes it just makes you cringe and that adds to the tension. There are clever bits in it like the stag night. There has been clever research too down to the pyrex tea-mugs and the rich tea biscuits. The 'Titanic' sequence is excellent. I couldn't believe it had poor reviews. It must have been such fun to make.
I was gripped by it all. It is sheer entertainment
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Reviewer Balzac
I went to see The Boat That Rocked despite the adverse critics and I enjoyed it enormously!! Richard Curtis has captured the mood of the
era to come and this is how I remember the exhilaration of the sixties... A must see for all baby boomers [and for those who wonder about these epic times!]
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Reviewer Anonymous
Why is everyone saying this is so bad? I loved it!
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