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Reviewer bosie
well, sometimes we don't need alot of shouting and explosions and a wardrobe salvaged from oxfam to keep us awake during a film. I managed to stay awake through to the end of the film, fascinated by the glittering bon-mots and the 'style' of the piece. The film is, after all, about superficiality and style over substance.

The 'hairpiece' set piece was stunning - certainly deserving more than a prep school snigger. Why? because we got to see what was important to Carter - his cashmere sweaters, his Turnbull & Asser shirts (couldn't you tell they were T&A just by the collar?) and ties; the precision and effort taken to keep them (and preusmably his life)in order - and finally, the wig. All these events illustrate that everything we see is a disguise; carter's real personality lies with his untidy and relatively hard-up bohemian boyfreind with unacceptable political agenda.

Becalls line about him 'not being black sheep' is incorrect. he is a black sheep... the contrast between his publicly acceptable version of a rich gay 'gigolo' and his real personla values is the tension in this film. The film is not to be seen as a straight-forward murder mystery - that is incidental - the film is about how severe circumstances prove the character - cometh the hour, cometh the man - so yes....if you want noise, light and heat that signifies nothing then walk away and watch, say, Mission Impossible or Johnny English and let the grown-ups enjoy their film in peace.
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Reviewer Knight Hooson
I quite enjoyed this film. I thought that Woody Harrelson was quite good in his role. This was not a role which he naturally would have played and yet I found him really quite believable. He never fell into stereotypical 'camp' acting and yet he didn't try to 'butch it up'.

It is true that the murder plot was rather unfeasible but it was interesting to watch as it all played out. The supporting cast was excellent - especially Lauren Bacall; it is a crime that she isn't seen more in movies today as she is such a fine actor.

This isn't a fast moving film but if you are looking to engage your brain and take part in delicate interpersonal relationships this is an engaging, intelligent film.
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