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The Zero Theorem
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Reviewer PatofOlsen
Terry Gilliam has done it. He has eclipsed his high water marks in Brazil, 12 Monkeys et all. Clearly his insight into The Hero's Journey is resoundingly reflected in the great acting by Christoph Waltz, David Thewlis, Matt Damon and of course the real and vibrante Ms.Melanie Thierry. Clearly he has transcended the gloom and shown all humanity what lies within and without simultaneously in a tech driven insane world where you are either Management where "EVERYTHING IS UNDER CONTROL" and you lose all traces and vestiges of being human or we join in the journey of "Q" and face our own reality instead of shutting it out with TECH. Bravo Mr. Gilliam you have won all the Oscars my mind can give. This film is not the future it is and has been happening everywhere since the first Walkman I used to drown out the industrial age racket. Like Q's church in the opening of the film he chose to live in the din of noise and light but shut it out in his safe place. Deep huh? The supporting actors showed incredible energy and power supporting the main cast and the dialogue was fabulously crafted. The designs and set productions were very futuristic. This film was so well crafted that its incredible message should be given to people as young as possible. Let's face it people Gilliam has hit a bench clearing homer with this one and the prize is your immortal soul and the ground of your own being. Not bad for a $.99 rental(US). I am demanding everyone I know who has had the problems that "Q" articulated from his past see this film and find the Answers Within! Bravo Terry Gilliam Bravo you hit the nail squarely on the head with Bainsleys hammer. This is a must see. 5 stars. See it more than once you will pick up on the films deep array of subtleties.
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Reviewer tomsizer
sounds like a good movie and I really want to support it. don't know why you bothered writing a review for "viewcambridge" as I think the closest cinema showing it is in Ipswich. need for speed it is then :/
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