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Review byMatthew Turner28/05/2010

Three out of Five stars
Running time: 101 mins

Watchable comedy with decent comic performances and a scattering of good gags, but it's also predictable, patchy in places and outstays its welcome, even at 101 minutes.

What's it all about?
Directed by Michael Lembeck, Tooth Fairy stars Dwayne Johnson as cocky hockey player Derek Thompson, who has earned the nickname The Tooth Fairy because of his habit of knocking his opponents' teeth out when he slams them into the walls of the arena. However, when Derek discourages a young boy's dreams of future hockey stardom, he finds himself sentenced to two weeks as an actual tooth fairy, overseen by a fairy godmother (Julie Andrews!) and a caseworker (Stephen Merchant) who has his own dreams of one day getting his wings.

Naturally, his new-found tooth fairy duties play havoc with Derek's plans to settle down with his girlfriend Carly (Ashley Judd) and her two children, sulky teen Randy (Chase Ellison) and adorable five-year-old tooth-loser Tess (Destiny Grace Whitlock). Fortunately, Q-like fairy Jerry (Billy Crystal) is on hand to provide a few useful tools of the trade, such as invisibility spray, shrinking paste and amnesia dust.

The Good
We're not supposed to call Johnson The Rock anymore, but this film might as well have been called The Rock IS The Tooth Fairy, since the scriptwriters clearly didn't think too far beyond the initial joke of squeezing him into a pink tutu and tights. Admittedly, this is the funniest joke in the film, despite a handful of good one-liners from Stephen Merchant and an enjoyable cameo from Billy Crystal that makes you wish he made more movies.

The Bad
The predictable script duly ticks all the right boxes for this sort of film but the tone is extremely patchy and inconsistent throughout. For example, Derek's character veers wildly between nice-guy-who-seems-to-have-learned-his-lesson and jerk from scene to scene without any real connection between them. On top of that, the pacing drags horribly and the comedy set-pieces will only entertain the very young, while Merchant and Johnson seem locked in a mugging competition that gets very annoying very quickly.

Worth seeing?
Johnson has enough charm to ensure that Tooth Fairy is never less than watchable but it doesn't quite push the emotional buttons the way you want it too and it should have been a lot funnier.

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Tooth Fairy (PG)
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