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Review byJennifer Tate10/10/2012

Four out of Five stars
Running time: 97 mins

This eye-opening and educational documentary about the shocking and brutal effects of our global waste problem will make you sit up, listen, and reconsider your lifestyle and diet choices.

What’s it all about?
Written and directed by Candida Brady, Trashed sees the renowned British actor Jeremy Irons on a mission to investigate the true extent and effects of our global waste problem. Travelling the world, from Lebanon, where sandy beaches are now ‘Trash Mountains’, to Vietnam, a place that has seen their waste problem cause birth defects in babies, the documentary examines statistics and images that reveal the dangerous consequences of our global consumption. As well as looking at the direct effects of waste pollution, Trashed also examines the effects that waste is having on our health as an indirect result from consumption of endangered sea life and toxic foods.

The Good
Trashed is a truly revelatory and shocking documentary film experience, which covers a broad scope of environmental issues and communicates its main aims and messages bluntly and effectively; scientists explain frightening statistics, the facts of which are uncomfortably shocking to listen to, and brutal filmic footage and images are shown that should alarm even the most carefree individuals into ditching their common bad habits.

As always, Jeremy Irons lends a charismatically solid presence to the documentary, and his authentic concerns about the environment are truly heartfelt and inspiring to watch. Well edited and thoroughly researched, Trashed is a thought-provoking and passionate documentary that dares to question the subjects most of us don’t normally give a second thought to.

The Bad
Although Trashed paints San Francisco as the model example of a zero-waste city and visits organic food stores around the UK, which have developed an inspiring ethical approach to food shopping and consumption, Trashed doesn’t really give many answers as to how we can truly improve the situation and help the environment, except for the reusing of plastic bags and containers, which a lot of us are fully aware of. It’s a thoroughly fascinating and stimulating documentary, but to truly be perfect Trashed should have been a little sterner in whipping its viewers into shape and presenting more information regarding the specific foods we should be eating to minimise our dioxin intake.

Worth seeing?
A truly effective and eye-opening documentary, Trashed is a must-watch documentary that will force you to examine the everyday choices you make without a second thought. Highly recommended.

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Trashed (12A)
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