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Review byJennifer Tate01/08/2012

Two out of Five stars
Running time: 91 mins

Truth or Dare is an action-packed British horror with admirable performances, but these are drowned out by an unoriginal storyline, implausible events and a deeply flawed script.

What’s it all about?
Directed by Robert Heath, Truth or Dare is a British teen horror, centring on a group of five college friends – Eleanor (Jennie Jacques), Gemma (Florence Hall), Chris (Jack Gordon), Paul (Liam Boyle) and Luke (Alexander Vlahos) - who are more interested in sex, drugs, money and alcohol than what effects their selfish pranks have on shy boy Felix (Tom Kane). But when Felix commits suicide unbeknown to the quintet, his bitter older brother Justin (David Oakes) is determined to find out why.

He invites the five friends to a ‘surprise party’ at his sprawling mansion to uncover the truth, determined to discover the sender of the postcard that tipped Felix over the edge. After getting his guests drunk and earning their trust, Justin takes the gang hostage and forces them to play the gruelling game of ‘truth or dare’ that led his brother to commit suicide, stopping at nothing to get revenge.

The Good
Despite its flaws, Truth or Dare is adequately paced and thankfully improves as it goes along. Revealing small hints and clues of the students’ fates and errors, it provides the essential engrossment necessary to stop a viewer from completely abandoning the film altogether. Jennie Jacques is notable as the bitchy and man-obsessed Eleanor, who eventually comes into her own, as is Florence Hall as the group’s possibly only likeable member, Gemma.

The Bad
Truth or Dare is certainly action packed but unfortunately the bad outweighs the good in this almost Hollyoaks-esque horror. It churns out events that are both implausible (Eleanor chews off a finger in under ten seconds) and predictable (typical horror movie set up with a creepy old man and deserted woods to boot). The slimy, self-indulgent characters are hard to care for and Justin’s overuse of a particular torture device kills any sort of suspense and excitement during distressing scenes.

With genuine insults such as ‘Shut your trap, ugly’ (yes, you read correctly), Matthew McGuchan’s script is certainly faulty and the contrived ending provides little pay off for patient audience members. As for conventional scares, you’ll struggle to find any.

Worth seeing?
Despite Truth or Dare improving, its weak script, lack of suspense and tried and tested student torture storyline means it’s full of schoolboy errors. One to miss.

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Truth or Dare (15)
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