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Review byMatthew Turner06/12/2007

Two out of Five stars
Running time: 92 mins

You Kill Me has a decent central premise and some nice ideas but Kingsley is very odd in the lead role and the patchy script never quite manages to pull it all together.

What's it all about?
Ben Kingsley stars as Frank, an alcoholic hitman who's ordered into rehab by his boss (Philip Baker Hall) after he bungles his latest job. Frank duly leaves Buffalo and enters rehab in San Francisco, where he quickly finds a sponsor (Luke Wilson as Tom), a girlfriend (Tea Leoni as Laurel) and a job as an undertaker.

The confessional, non-judgmental nature of rehab meetings soon causes Frank to live up to his name and confess the nature of his profession, though he keeps falling off the wagon. However, there are bigger problems in store, thanks to a turf war back in Buffalo with a rival mob boss (Dennis Farina).

The Good
The best thing about the film is Tea Leoni, who delivers a quirkily sexy performance of the sort that makes you wish she was offered more films. There's also strong support from Philip Baker Hall and Dennis Farina, although both Luke Wilson and Bill Pullman (as Frank's SF-based handler) are largely wasted.

The Bad
Kingsley's performance is extremely odd, from his strangely accented speech patterns to his behaviour. Is he supposed to be foreign? And why is he so blase about telling everyone he's a hitman? These are questions that the film never bothers to answer.

The other problem is that, as good as Leoni is, there's no chemistry between her and Kingsley, perhaps because he's at least 30 years too old for her. Similarly, it becomes increasingly frustrating that no one seems remotely bothered that Frank is a killer, to the point where you lose patience with the film as a result.

Worth seeing?
Ultimately, You Kill Me can't decide whether it wants to be a black comedy or a rehab-based hitman drama and it ends up failing as both. Disappointing.

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You Kill Me (15)
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