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How to work from home in London

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01/03/2015 @ 10:27
Which is best, working from home or going out to work for a company?

I have done both and right now I am enjoying working from home. It requires lots of focus and organisational skills, but there is nothing better than being in total control of how and when you work. The downside is the lack of interaction with real people, but the other side of that coin is that you could be in an office with so many nice people that it's more of a distraction. Having worked in offices with people I can say that I get 10 times more work done at home compared to working in a busy office. My job is to market the services offered by my band and to fill a calendar with quality bookings. I also get to perform and network with corporate clients, so there is some social interaction. But, what if you were doing a job from home and there was zero interaction with other people, could you cope with it? How long would you last before going out to work? What if you have all the interaction that you need, but the job sucks?
One of the other downsides of working from home is the lack of exercise that you would have got just walking to the train station or running to catch a bus. However, depending on your circumstances, you might enjoy going to the Gym when it is really quiet or going swimming and having an entire pool to yourself. During my quieter months, I look forward to all those benefits and this makes the case for working from home.
In an ideal world it would be nice if we could make that choice, but living in London is a challenge and we make choices to meet our needs right now. I have done some of the most dangerous and disgusting jobs in the past and done the ones which had zero satisfaction where you go to bed and still can't unwind from all the pressure at work. I feel it for those who do so on a daily basis and my band tries to put a smile on their face when they hire us. London is a huge magnet of opportunity and everyone has a skillset which is worth employing in some capacity. What's yours?
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