Pimms Cocktails

Pimms Cocktails

The Pimm's tradition is almost as entrenched in British culture as the cup of tea. All it takes is a moderately prolonged period of good weather, and pubs, bars and supermarkets miraculously start offering gallons of the stuff.

Pimm's was invented in the 1840s, by the owner of an oyster bar in the City of London. James Pimm offered the tonic (which was a gin based drink containing quinine and a secret mixture of herbs) as an aid to digestion, and served it in a small tankard.

This is where the "No. 1 Cup" moniker arose. After the Second World War, Pimms extended their range, utilising a number of other spirits as bases for new "cups". No. 2 cup was based on Scotch, No. 3 employed brandy, No. 4 rum, No. 5 rye and No. 6 vodka.

The only one of the variants still in production is the vodka cup, No. 6, although this is made in much smaller quantities than the original No. 1 cup.

To fully enjoy Pimms – which is a superb summer cocktail – try one of the following recipes.

Traditional Pimms No.1
1 slice per person of; orange, lemon, apple, cucumber
1 sprig of mint
2 parts lemonade to 1 part Pimms

Turbo Pimms No.1
1 slice per person of; orange, lemon, apple, cucumber
1 sprig of mint
5 parts lemonade, 2 parts Pimms, 1 part Gin

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