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114-116 Charing Cross Road,

(020) 7836 8491

Chipotle Information

Chipotle on Charing Cross Road is the first London branch of the famed US burrito chain.

Opening Hours
Mon-Sat 11:00-23:00
Sun 11:00-22:00
Not Necessary on Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun
Avg Food Spend
Under £10 per person
Food Info
Take Away Service
Drink Info
Beer from £3.50 per bottle
Children welcome - at all times
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Disabled Facilities
Wheelchair Access, NO Disabled Toilets

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Reviewer NataRich
I've been to many Chipotle's in America and this is a welcome addition to London's busy West End eatery scene. At £6 for a burrito it seems expensive but actually it's a big meaty monster to eat and you'll be satisified for hours. With the food options on offer you can build many different tyes of Mexican spicy eating happiness in no time at all. Quick service even with a queue and the opportunity to get a beer with fast food is sublime. Overall - love it 100% and will go whenever I'm in the area!
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Reviewer hpsj
Something has gone very wrong!!

Our office staff go there regularly and have all been really disappointed recently.

The Burritos have shrunk and the beef has got tough.

This used to be a real treat when it first opened as everyone from my company goes there at least once a week. Now though we are all getting fed up with the consistency and at almost £7 for a takeaway Burrito you would expect to be a lot happier at lunch.
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Reviewer db5
If you like to answer 20 questions before you get your food then this is the place for you. Dreadful acoustics mean that the staff can't hear you and you can't hear them.
Customer shouts: A vegetarian bowl to go. Bread on the side please.
Server shouts: What rice would you like? (She doesn't do the bread)
Customer shouts: Brown. Are you doing the tortilla?
Server shouts: Would you like tortilla?
Customer shouts: Yes.
Server asks: On the side?
Customer: Yes
Next server asks: What beans would you like? (There are 2 options and one contains meat).
Customer: Black. It's vegetarian.
Server forgets to add peppers.
Customer: Peppers please.
Server: Whaaat?
Server asks: Which meat?
Customer: None. It's vegetarian.
Next server shouts: What salsa would you like?
Server: Lettuce?
Server: Corn?
Server: guacamole?

You get the idea...... Shame because the food is good for fast food. But a £6.35 bowl of vegetables and salsa just isn't worth the hassle.
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Reviewer Lucy82
I was so excited to see Chipotle had come to London, as I'm an American that hasn't had a decent burrito since moving here. I was very pleased to see that the wonderful flavour of Chipotle hasn't been lost in their trip across the Atlantic. It's the best "fast" food in London, and beats all other Mexican and Tex-Mex places in the city.
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Reviewer Jinni
Chipotle is a welcome addition to London's fast-food chains - no more bland food and grumpy staff now this restaurant is in town! The staff were absolutely delightful and very patient as I dithered over filling choices, gently steering me towards guacamole instead of sour cream with my beans...One thing I was very impressed with was Chipotle's openness about the sourcing of their meat - the large menu above the counter listed all the meats and whether they were outdoor reared, British farmed etc etc. And you could certainly taste the quality in the meat, I was very impressed!
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Reviewer danny_ramble
Yessir. I like a fat burrito. It needs to be bulging. And the one I had at Chipotle did the trick perfectly. Especially with a cold bottle of beer from the fridge. I'd say it's the ideal place to grab a bite on the way home from a night out - a world away from McDonald's or a filthy kebab, but quicker and easier than having to frequent a proper restaurant.

I did wonder about the room a bit - when I hit the wall it moved and made a hollow sound, as if it was knocked up by the people who made the sets of Neighbours when Mrs Mangle was still kicking about. I never really noticed that kind of thing in a restaurant before.

But the burrito was ideal.


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We fancied something quick after the theatre and Chipotle was just the thing. It's good quality fast food. The menu is pretty simple and the choices fairly limited, but what it does, it does very well. The chicken tacos were really tasty. I couldn't resist getting tortilla chips as well and the medium spicy salsa was amazing. Everyone was trying to steal my chips! You can also get a beer or margarita, which was a nice touch.
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Stumbled upon this place the other night on the way home. Why has no one told me this existed?
We wanted something quick and easy and the thought of fast food was just not cutting it. Luckily Chipotle provided just what we needed.
Quick, quality food. And guilt free too, free range chicken organic produce etc.
I had the chicken tacos and not only were they the best I've had this side of the states but the staff were friendly and the place had a great cheap and cheerful atmosphere.
Admittedly the menu was simplistic so if you're after the choice of a thousand different meals then this is not the place to head but if you're hungry having a tenner in your back pocket and want to feel satisfied without the fast food guilt then this place is a winner.
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Reviewer petethebear
This place certainly makes a change from the usual bland fast-food outlets! The steak burrito I had was huge and full of flavour - loved the spicy mexican tastes. Only downside is the bland decor which needs to be as spicy as the food!
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Reviewer JennyHarding
I'm a vegetarian so was a bit hesitant about going to Chipotle as not really had much experience with Mexican and wasn't sure if it would be veggie-friendly. However, my boyfriend insisted we went and I was pleasantly surprised!

Had a veggie taco and a corona and it was really good! Taco had beans (vegetarian kind), rice, salsa, guacamole and salad and the taco itself was nice and crispy and it was very tasty! Boyfriend had a shredded pork burrito which he enjoyed but he struggled to finish it - looked huge!

May have to let him 'drag' me there again!
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Reviewer JenJen86
Went for dinner here last night with a group of friends and i loved it. Good atmosphere and great food. Most of us had something different. I tucked into my Burrito bowl with gusto and despite my admittedly massive appetite I couldn't finish it!
the food is fresh and so tasty, shame the lighting isn't a bit more inviting but with change from £10 I'll be coming back here in a hurry!
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Reviewer Ammly
Went for dinner with friends at Chipotle last night and really enjoyed it. The food was GOOD and served in bounteous helpings, I am still stuffed. The staff were friendly and helpful and the for the size of the portions, the food was very reasonably priced.
I would definitely go back. The only draw back was the wait for a seat, but once we were seated we were quickly embroiled in a Tabasco-in-the-drink scam that the lads sitting next to us were carrying out.
Chipotle is great. YUMMY YUMMY burrito bowls and an excellent place for a quick bite to eat before heading out to the bars of Soho!
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Reviewer becwat1600
Went along at lunchtime with a couple of work colleagues, was good food, no fuss and value for money. Being calorie conscious I went for a salad but there were plenty of accompaniments and tasty salads and sauces. Was a good feed and now need a sleep! One thing missing is a guide to the different items being a novice to Mexican food would have been nice to know without having to ask what was the difference betwen Pinto and Blank beans but staff were more than happy to help out.
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I've ventured to a few of these Burrito bars popping up all over London and in my opinion Chipotle is the best. The Burritos were big, tasty (I had steak) and not too expensive. The only let down was that there were so many people in there so the queue's were quite long but that shows the popularity for the place already so soon after opening! I will be certainly going back to eat if I am in the Leicester Square area of London.
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Reviewer Andylondon
Popped in last night to see what it was all about. The food was decent, I'm new to mexican food as I don't really know many other places to go, but must admit I was impressed. Simple menu, clean eating area, good food. I can't see a reason why I wouldnt go back.
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Reviewer ap217
Great food, reasonable price, no fuss!

The only other Mexican food restaurants I have visited are sit-down, with a waiter. As a big fan of Mexican food I can say that I was delighted with my experience at chipotle and will no doubt be returning when I'm a bit peckish and in the area again.
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Reviewer Toby113
Ate here before going to pub last night: was good. Mmmmm steak burrito! Had heard portions were small but i thought they were alright. Pretty busy, noticed lots of Americans in there eating.
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Reviewer MS1970
Went for lunch yesterday and had a great chicken burrito. My friend had a shredded beef burrito which he said was delicious. Place was extremely clean and although there was a queue it moved fast and staff were friendly and helpful - I have no idea why there are bad reviews of this place - they are all talking rubbish! This place is great and apparently huge in the states and i can see why! Definitely gonna be going again.
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Reviewer jtlondon
Awful! Truly awful

Staff not knowledgeable
Menu on wall unclear
Staff did not seem to care about ignorant customers (i.e. myself) and it seemed too much effort to provide an explanation

Some staff in the back area were preparing food without gloves (noticeable because most had plastic gloves on)
Tables were left unclean during my time there (probably about 20-30 mins)
No menu on windows near the entrance so you had to go in (which put off several people who were initially attracted by the decor outside)

Saw several people leave as they couldnt understand the menu or didnt like the concept (ok some people may just not like this concept but I've never seen it happen so often)

Having a restaurant for 'fans' will be a needs new customers and wont get them this way

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Reviewer johnboy0701
Chipotle has landed in the UK, great food, good prices. No root beer though. Loving in the Tabasco sauces. Staff aren't quite to the American standard yet but neither are most of the customers, who don't really know whats going on. Chipotle will soon be on every street corner i think, extremely popular.
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Reviewer Mumbo1
Not too bad but did not live up to expectations... Recommended by a friend but the burrito I had wasn't anywhere near as good as those you can get from Chilango or Poncho 8. the Chipotle burritos are a bit light on meat and too much rice... not terrible but others in London do it better.
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