The Best London Pubs & Bars
We've taken out the guess work and hand picked some of the best London Pubs & Bars for you.
The Best Hotel Bars
When it comes to stunning bars in hotels, London is up there with any city in the world. Fact. From The Sanderson to The Savoy, you can find louche party vibes, cocktails fit for even the most discerning connoisseur and interiors that'll make even the snootiest design freak go weak at the knees. Check out the very best hotel bars in our handy guide.
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The Best Bars with a View
There's nothing quite like finding a perfect view of the capital, sitting down for a stiff drink and indulging in your favourite 'I run this city' fantasy. Whether it's a table that allows perfect lines of vision across the capital's iconic sights or sky bars that put you, quite literally, up in the clouds, the venues on our best bars with a view list are must-visits.
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The Best Real Ale Pubs
It's official: real ale is booming and sales are on the rise as a whole new audience including twenty-and-thirtysomethings get in on one of the UK's most dynamic industries. Not only do we have a wealth of top-class breweries in the capital - SamBrook's, Redemption, Brodies, Fuller's et al - but we also have some of the best pubs and bars in the world. Check out which boozers we consider to be the very best real ale pubs in our handy guide. Cheers!
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The Best Cocktail Bars
Whether it's bars that turn cocktail-making into a science, secret speakeasies that are strictly for those in the know, or five star hotel bars that use only the finest ingredients known to man, London has a dynamic, thriving cocktail scene. Check out the capital's best cocktail bars in our handy guide.
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The Best Gastro Pubs
The lines between pubs and restaurants are increasingly blurred. The reason: the acceleration of the foodie pub - or the gastro pub as it's widely known. There are so many pubs purporting to be gastro pubs these days, it's reached saturation point. But, for their commitment to food and drink excellence, these venues represent the best gastro pubs in London.
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The Best DJ Bars
As the late, great Tony Wilson once said on the demise of the seminal acid house club The Hacienda: "As soon as bars got late licenses we knew we were f*cked." These days DJ bars and, indeed, DJ pubs are flourishing, as party people continue to want to hear good tunes without having to head to a full-on sweaty club and pay loads of money to get in. Nowadays, you can catch huge names in intimate surroundings and hear credible tunes 7-days a week. Our handy guide rounds up the very best DJ bars in town.
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The Best Beer Gardens
When the sun shines, the first thing that crosses most people's minds is to hot foot it to a beer garden for a boozy afternoon. Whether it's north, south, east or west, London has some damn fine beer gardens - from leafy and spacious to bustling and lively. Check out our picks for the best beer gardens in London, and pray for good weather!
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The Best Bars for a Date
Whether you're taking out a hot new squeeze or treating a loved one to a special night out, there are loads of London bars to make the right impression. We've rounded up a selection of the best bars for a date. Pick one and the chances are you might get lucky.
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The Best Cheap Pubs
With prices at the bar continuing to rise, drinking is becoming a more expensive habit. And while we're firm believers in paying for a quality product, we also love nothing more than returning to the bar with a round of drinks and change from a tenner. Whether you consider yourself a bargain hunter, thrifty, financially prudent, or just tight, we've selected the best cheap pubs for you.
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The Best Speakeasies
Speakeasy is a much-abused term these days in the capital. Just because a bar is hard to find and thinks its cool doesn't a speakeasy maketh. The bars we've selected for our best speakeasies list are the closest thing you'll get to speakeasy action in the capital, and they've been picked for their genuine quality and because they provide excellent bolt holes away from the masses.
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The Best Rooftop Bars
London has some amazing rooftop bars and - weather permitting - there's nothing like soaking up some rays whilst enjoying a refreshing drink. After tireless research, we've selected the best rooftop bars. All we need now is some balmy weather...
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The Best Sunday Roasts
Sunday roasts are up there with fish and chips, the English breakfast and baked beans as intrinsic parts of the British palate. Thankfully, you don't have to settle for tinned peas and granulated gravy anymore as gourmet Sunday roast dinners are on offer across the capital. Check out our favourites and prepare to drool...
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The Best After Work Drinks
Let's face it, after a hard day in the office there's nothing much more satisfying than heading down to the pub for a few drinks with your work colleagues and mates. One question that always pops up: where's the best place to meet for after work drinks? With so many pubs and bars to choose from, we've selected some of the very best. Enjoy!
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The Best Historic Pubs
London's pubs have played a pivotal role in the city's history - from being namechecked by Dickens to being the scene of historically significant moments in time, the capital's boozers have a rich and varied story to tell. Whether you're a fan of their heritage features or on a tour of famous pubs, the best historic pubs should be on your to-do list.
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The Best Pubs with Fires
The crackle of the embers, the warm glow of the amber can't beat warming up by a fire place with a drink in hand during the cold, brutal winter months. Luckily, London has loads of boozers with roaring fires to choose from and we've rounded up the very best pubs with fires.
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The Best Wine Bars
From a classic Bordeaux to a mighty Barolo, you can find some of the world's best wines at London wine bars. Aside from showcasing the powerhouse varieties, a slew of wine-specialists have sprung up to support bio-dynamic, organic and lesser known wines. Out list rounds up the best wine bars in the biz.
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The Best Theatre Bars
Whether you're a budding thespian, fully-fledged actor or merely a simple fan of the stage, London has some cracking pubs and bars attached to theatres. Take a look at the very best theatre bars in our handy guide.
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The Best Riverside Pubs
The river Thames is the liquid heart of London, snaking its way from east to west, providing the focus for arts centres, industry, historical buildings and...the great British pub. With so many to choose from it's handy to know where the best riverside pubs are, so we decided to compile a list of our favourites.
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The Best Whisky Bars
Whether you're looking for a gentle introduction into the world of fine malts or a full on tour of the world's finest tipples, you can find it all on our list of the best whisky bars.
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The Best Sports Bars
Whether you're a footie fan, rugby head or a sports fanatic, you can catch all of the big game action at these sports-mad pubs and bars. Loads of venues show sport but the best sports bars have been selected for their huge screens, surround sound, ability to show multiple games at any one time and all-round top atmosphere. Game on!
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The Best Live Music Bars
London is quite rightly considered one of the world's leading hubs for music and you can find everything from up and coming bands to world class artists performing in intimate surroundings at bars and clubs across the capital. So whether you're into indie, jazz, rock, rave or just good music, you'll find something to your liking at the best live music bars in London.
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The Best Cider Pubs
Gone are the days (thankfully) when all you could find was a pint of Strongbow on draught; nowadays the UK's craft cider industry is booming and the capital's leading pubs and bars are jumping on board to support the homegrown cider and perry sector. Still need convincing? Check out the best cider pubs in London and you'll taste the difference.
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The Best Belgian Beer Bars
It's a well known fact that the Belgians make some of the world's best - and strongest - beers. Luckily, you don't have to jump on a budget flight to Bruges or Brussels to sample them as there are plenty of pubs and bars in the capital that specialise in award-winning, hard to find Belgian beer. Take a look at our shortlist of best bars for Belgian beer.
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The Best Comedy Nights
It's all well and good seeing Michael McIntyre at Wembley Arena or Micky Flanagan at the Hammersmith Apollo but you can't beat catching the biggest names doing intimate gigs in pubs and bars around the capital. Whether it's household names testing out new material or up and coming talent dropping the funnies, these lot host the best comedy nights around.
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The Best Pubs to Watch Football
With the cost of going to watch your team play these days reaching astronomical proportions, the next best thing is to head to a proper footie-loving pub to soak up the atmosphere and watch it on a big screen. The best pubs to watch football show all the big games (naturally), but they also attract footie-mad punters, so you know you'll be in good company come kick-off.
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The Best Craft Beer Bars and Pubs
Craft beer is increasingly used as a catch-all term to describe a new wave of artisanal beers from the US, as well as emerging producers in the UK. The cause of some consternation amongst old school real ale heads, who view the term as open to abuse and one that fails to recognise traditional cask ale producers as the original craft beer brewers, there's no disputing the fact that craft beer is a growing market with a younger and more diverse audience than ever before. The best craft beer bars and pubs have been selected for their impeccable selection, whether imported or from one of the UK's new wave of breweries. Enjoy!
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The Best Mulled Wine
As the capital gets colder and the nights start drawing in, often a simple wine list or beer selection behind the bar won’t cut it. What you really need is a warming glass of mulled wine in the most festive-feeling pubs and bars in London. ‘Tis the season to be jolly, after all…
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The Best Gay Bars
When it comes to embracing the gay community, these London bars and pubs are flying the rainbow flag and paving the way for other venues in the capital. Far from just triumphing the typical GaGa anthems and cheesy cabaret shows, these bars are breaking boundaries while hosting hordes of up-for-it party people – gay or straight. So whether you’re looking for a mad night on the dance floor or just a gay-friendly drink or two, feast your eyes on this list of the best gay bars in London.
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The Best Brewery Bars
With craft beer and real ale riding high across the capital, it seems only right that discerning hopheads look for the freshest-tasting or most inventive brews they can get their hands on. What better way, then, to sample some brilliant beers than at the very source? These London bars and pubs house breweries on-site so you’re guaranteed a crisp pint of the brown stuff, be it courtesy of microbrewery technology at independent brewpubs or from bars established by larger London craft beer brewers.
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The Best Table Tennis Bars
Whether you’re a table tennis pro with a backhand like Boris Becker or a novice with a need to sharpen those ball skills, getting involved at ping pong bars is just about the most fun you can have with a humble game of wiff-waff. With a bottle of beer or a cocktail in hand you can hone your game against fierce opponents, take to the table as a group or flirt on a fun first date, and in some of the very best bars in town, too. There’s no doubting that the table tennis craze has well and truly bounced its way into London bars and pubs.
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The Best Champagne Bars
Don’t get your kicks from Champagne? Then you probably haven’t visited these very fine establishments in London that offer the best in vintage and non-vintage champers and sparkling wines. Whether you’re a bit of a bubbly buff or you’re planning a celebration, you can enjoy a glass of the French stuff in exquisite surroundings or quaff until your heart’s content in more relaxed Champagne bars and pubs. One thing's for sure: this pick of London bars should certainly pop your cork!
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