The Best London Shops
We've taken out the guess work and hand picked some of the best London shops for you.
The Best Department Stores
London is home to some of the world's most iconic department stores. When you're in serious need of some retail therapy, head to one of our favourite department stores and find your best loved designers conveniently located under one roof.
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The Best Vintage Shops
Whether you like to make a statement with bold 1970s disco wear or you’re searching for that perfect vintage handbag, you’d better begin your quest here. There are lots of places in London to find vintage treasures, but these are definitely some of the very best.
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The Best Chocolate Shops
If it’s decedent, melts in the mouth and tastes like a little piece of heaven that can mean only one thing: Chocolate. London is home to some of the best high class chocolatiers in the country, from Cocomaya in Paddington to Paul A. Young in Islington, whatever area of London you are in you are never more than a few streets away from a Cocoa coma of your own making.
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The Best Antique Shops
Antiques are enjoying a resurgence as people clamour to give modern homes a touch of individuality from yesteryear. Whether you’re searching for that special something or want to give your home a complete overhaul, the capital is a great place to discover a whole host of shops catering for furniture, nick knacks and home wear from a bygone age.
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The Best Florists
Sometimes words just aren’t enough, so rather than stuttering and stammering your way through whatever it is you need to vocalise, why not just ‘say it with flowers’. Flowers, like dogs, aren’t just for Christmas, birthdays or Valentines; they’re a year round opportunity to make someone smile. Viewlondon has taken the pain out of having to rely on the slightly brown carnations you find outside service stations by bringing you a round up of some of the capital’s best bloom emporiums.
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The Best Boutiques
While London’s high street offers a myriad of big name shops and stores, the capital also boasts a wealth of independent boutiques dedicated to bringing shoppers, fashion on a more personal level. So if you’re looking to escape the hustle and bustle – enter the calm of boutique shopping.
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The Best Hat Shops
A hat can finish off an outfit like no other accessory, turning the simplest of looks into a statement of style. With wedding season, Ascot and sunny days fast approaching, finding the right hat has never been so important. ViewLondon have found some of the best hat shops the capital has to offer, so get ready to doff your cap and wear your hat with pride (if feeling a bit self-conscious, take a deep breath and repeat to yourself “I wear the hat, the hat doesn’t wear me, I wear the hat, the hat doesn’t wear me….!”
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The Best Shoe Shops
Shoes are a conundrum – what should be the ultimate, most practical addition to our working wardrobe, in practice actually provides an outlet for some of our wildest and wackiest desires. Whether crazy trainers in luminous colours, smart hand-made shoes carved from the softest of butter-smooth leather or vertiginous heels with straps and platforms; shoes are hot business. View London takes the pain out of pounding the streets and tracks down some of the capital’s finest purveyors of footwear.
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The Best Tailors
Saville Row – for men this has got to be the ultimate fashion experience, equivalent to a lady’s couture gown or made to measure frock. Often taking more than 100 hours from start to final fitting and requiring 20 different measurements, a bespoke suit is the ultimate indulgence for the man about town. Whether you’re searching for your wedding suit or simply fancy a bonus-time treat, View London gives the low-down on some of the best.
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The Best Charity Shops
London’s streets hold a plethora of shopping gems and none are quite so special and unique as the huge range of charity and second-hand shops scattered throughout the capital. Quirky and purse-friendly they’re the much-protected secret of fashionistas in the know. Luckily Viewlondon are on hand to lift the lid on the Charity-shop treasure chest bringing a round up of some of the best.
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The Best Homestores
Decorating your house has never been so important or so much fun. A wealth of eclectic and inspired interiors shops are scattered throughout London’s streets, making it virtually impossible not to decorate your home in style. Whatever your taste or delectation there’s something for everyone – whether you’re looking for quirky antiques or wanting to create a sleek, minimalist interior, ViewLondon has tracked down some of the best to help create a home you can totally call your own.
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The Best Taxidermy Shops
Stuffing a beloved pet or rare animal was all the rage in Victorian times, and the art of taxidermy is enjoying a renaissance of late as people clamour to give homes a quirky feel with a frozen animal, bird or fish. Brought in from the style wilderness, stuffed animals are appearing in even the most modern of houses. Anyone looking to secure a piece of history or wanting help to find someone to preserve a passed-on pet should look to ViewLondon’s round up of the capital’s best purveyors of the art.
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The Best Toy Shops
Children can be demanding and tracking down the latest fad or must-have toy can be a thankless task. Luckily the capital holds a multitude of interesting and unusual stores dedicated entirely to the small people in your life. ViewLondon has tracked down some of the best.
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The Best Menswear Stores
The capital is awash with designer and independent boutiques dedicated to male fashion. Whether you’re after a slick, city suit, laid-back casual wear or dressed-down denim, London’s streets hold a wealth of talented designers and independent shop owners all dedicated in bringing the latest styles to fashion-conscious customers. ViewLondon takes a look at some of the best to make sure you look as sharp in the boardroom as you do at the bar.
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The Best Book Shops
Everyone loves to get lost in a good book and with so many works of literature being taken up by various reading devices it’s important we don’t forget what a traditional paperback feels like. London is home to a whole treasure-trove of specialist and independent book stores all offering a unique and comfortingly traditional way to pick up your latest page-turner. Here’s a run down of some of the best book shop’s London has to offer.
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The Best Record Shops
In a world of downloads, and online streaming it’s nice to know that there’s still a place for the humble record shop. A dying breed, purveyors of vinyl take their responsibility seriously, providing outstanding knowledge and the hardcopy experience of actually purchasing a record or cd from a shop. There are a handful of these delightful emporiums scattered throughout the capital and ViewLondon has rounded up some of the best to enable you to remember and revel in the face-to-face music-buying experience.
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The Best Bread Shops
Where would we be without the humble loaf? How boring would lunches be without a crisp baguette and what would we do with an egg or tuna filling if the Earl of Sandwich hadn’t had his bread-brainwave all those years ago? Bread is the essence and foundation of many a good meal, but you’d be forgiven for thinking really ‘good’ bread has all but disappeared when faced with the uniformed, insipidly grey loaves lining supermarket shelves. Luckily there are a brave band of bakers scattered across the capital who take bread seriously and View London has rounded up some of the best.
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The Best Cheese Shops
No meal is complete without the ubiquitous arrival of a plate of cheese – but the selection you offer is what really makes the difference between a meal ending on a dairy-high or sinking to the depths of cheesy despair. Today, cheese is a serious business and the myriad of different varieties can prove a mine field for anyone wanting to make an impression or simply needing to locate something specific. Luckily View London has rounded up some of the most specialist purveyors of delicious cheeses ensuring that whatever your taste you’re be smacking your lips and reaching for the cracker tin in next to no time!
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The Best Cake Shops
Cake – who doesn’t crave a moist wedge and a good cup of tea every once in a while? There’s something deeply comforting about soft, sweet, iced delicacies that can lift the heart like a big food-hug! Recent years have seen a sudden increase in demand for cakes of all kinds, in fact you’d be forgiven for thinking you couldn’t walk into a friend’s home or work station without being bombarded with cupcakes or cake pops of every variety; but View London have ‘risen’ to the challenge to make sure your next cakey purchase doesn’t fall ‘flat’(sorry!)
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The Best Wine Shops
“Wine is constant proof that God loves us and loves to see us happy” so said Benjamin Franklin. While the sentiment is good, Mr Franklin may well have wanted to amend his quote to ‘Good wine…” if he’d had to experience some of the awful offerings currently cramming supermarket shelves. Luckily London is home to a number of serious purveyors of the grape, all of whom are dedicated to finding the perfect pairing for every taste and palette. So whether you’re wanting to impress dinner party guests, looking for something special to mark an occasion or simply want to find a tasty vino for weekday supping, check out View London’s list of some of the best outlets to locate the perfect bottle.
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The Best Butchers
These days its important to know where our food comes from and if you’ve grown tired of mass-packed, grey-coloured meat of no particular source (or animal - horse burgers anyone?!) it’s perhaps of no surprise that savvy customers are turning to smaller independents to buy their weekly joints and cuts of meats; safe in the knowledge that you’ll be told the place, farm and even the field the animal was raised in. Ethically, tracking down a good butcher ticks a whole barrel load of ‘morally sound’ boxes, but for those of you who worry more about the effects on your palate and purse check out some of London’s best butchers – often not as expensive as you think - and definitely priceless when it comes to quality and taste.
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The Best Fishmongers
Delicious, healthy and makes your brain bigger – how many other reasons do you need to stock up on fish? Thankfully a succulent piece of cod or a stir-fry of shellfish has become commonplace, as fish recipes get whipped up in kitchens across the capital thanks to the wealth of top notch fishmongers scattered around the city. View London has taken a look at some of the best, to ensure your catch of the day is as fresh and tasty as the day it was pulled from the sea.
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The Best Fruit and Veg Shops
Getting the all important ‘5-a-day’ is a crucial part of anyone’s diet, whether working or playing hard - but finding good quality fruit and vegetables isn’t always easy, especially if you’re wary of the plastic-packed fruit salads and other leafy-offerings squeezed onto shop shelves between the mountains of pre-packed sandwiches. Good quality ingredients can make or break a recipe so whether you’re after a fabulous Lollo Rosso for a humble chicken sandwich or an extensive range of exotic veg to impress dinner party guests, ViewLondon has selected some of the capital’s best purveyors of the good stuff.
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