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I Like
finding out about other peoples traditions,
smoking, spending time with my friends.
just seeing friends, relaxing, having the odd glass of wine
Films and Music
breakfast at tiffany's, dirty dancing, la confidential, good will hunting.
the ting tings, the klaxons, jose gonzalez, the fratelis, the view, jack penate.
"i'd give up smoking but no one likes a quitter"

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07/02/2013 @ 16:51
I have never seen such a large selection of beautiful quality leather styles before in all my life. The store was an ode to all things leather and by golly what a beautiful store it was. Well laid out, the items for sale take centre stage, and I must admit I felt very lucky to be surrounded by such expensive items. My favourite item by far was the …

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22/10/2008 @ 11:15
Not been to a firework show in London before, but am trying the Kingston show this year. its at the athletics stadium i think, and weve been told very good things about it :)

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