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Stoker Film Trailer
Posted on 09.11.12
Django Unchained Film Trailer
Posted on 02.11.12
Iron Man 3 Film Trailer
Posted on 26.10.12
Fun Size Film Trailer
Posted on 12.10.12
Argo Film Trailer
Posted on 05.10.12
Lincoln Film Trailer
Posted on 14.09.12
Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters Film Trailer
Posted on 07.09.12
Seven Psychopaths Film Trailer
Posted on 31.08.12
Hyde Park on Hudson Film Trailer
Posted on 24.08.12
Wreck-It Ralph Film Trailer
Posted on 17.08.12
ParaNorman Film Trailer
Posted on 10.08.12
Skyfall Film Trailer
Posted on 03.08.12
Man of Steel Trailer
Posted on 27.07.12
Total Recall Film Trailer
Posted on 20.07.12
Anna Karenina Film Trailer
Posted on 13.07.12
Edinburgh Film Festival Roundup
Posted on 06.07.12
Friends with Kids Film Trailer
Posted on 15.06.12
Les Miserables Film Trailer
Posted on 31.05.12
Edinburgh Film Festival Wishlist
Posted on 25.05.12
Lawless Trailer and Sherlock Holmes 2 DVD Release
Posted on 18.05.12
The Sitter DVD Release
Posted on 11.05.12
Avengers Success and Spider-Man Trailer
Posted on 04.05.12
Sundance London Preview
Posted on 20.04.12
Ted Film Trailer
Posted on 13.04.12
American Reunion Film Trailer
Posted on 30.03.12
Dark Shadows Film Trailer
Posted on 23.03.12
Battleship Film Trailer
Posted on 16.03.12
Frankenweenie Film Trailer
Posted on 09.03.12
Avengers Assemble Trailer
Posted on 02.03.12
2012 Oscar Predictions
Posted on 24.02.12
2012 BAFTA Winners
Posted on 16.02.12
The Bourne Legacy Trailer
Posted on 10.02.12
The Hobbit Trailer
Posted on 03.02.12
2012 Oscar Nominations
Posted on 27.01.12
BAFTA Awards Long List
Posted on 13.01.12
Chronicle Trailer
Posted on 06.01.12
Golden Globes Nominations and Dark Knight Rises Trailer
Posted on 21.12.11
The Best and Worst Films of 2011
Posted on 16.12.11
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows DVD Release
Posted on 08.12.11
Brave Film Trailer
Posted on 02.12.11
Mirror Mirror Film Trailer
Posted on 25.11.11
Snow White and the Huntsman Trailer
Posted on 18.11.11
Oscar Host Fiasco and Bridesmaids DVD Release
Posted on 11.11.11
The Lorax Film Trailer
Posted on 04.11.11
2011 London Film Festival Roundup
Posted on 28.10.11
In Time Film Trailer
Posted on 21.10.11
San Sebastian Film Festival Roundup
Posted on 07.10.11
Dream House Trailer
Posted on 30.09.11
London Film Festival 2011 Lineup
Posted on 09.09.11
FrightFest 2011 Post Mortem
Posted on 02.09.11
Source Code DVD Release
Posted on 26.08.11
Your Highness DVD Release
Posted on 05.08.11
FrightFest 2011 Line-Up
Posted on 29.07.11
Spider-Man Special
Posted on 21.07.11
Sherlock Holmes 2 Trailer
Posted on 15.07.11
Rise of the Planet of the Apes Trailer
Posted on 08.07.11
Mission: Impossible 4 Trailer
Posted on 01.07.11
Edinburgh Film Festival Round Up
Posted on 24.06.11
Breaking Dawn Part 1 Teaser Trailer
Posted on 10.06.11
Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Teaser Trailer
Posted on 02.06.11
Edinburgh Film Festival Lineup
Posted on 27.05.11
Twenty8K Set Visit
Posted on 20.05.11
Cannes Film Festival Envy
Posted on 13.05.11
One Day Film Trailer
Posted on 06.05.11
Final Harry Potter Film Trailer
Posted on 28.04.11
The Extraordinary Adventures of Adele Blanc-Sec
Posted on 15.04.11
Melancholia Trailer
Posted on 08.04.11
Superhero Casting News
Posted on 01.04.11
RIP Elizabeth Taylor
Posted on 25.03.11
Captain America Teaser
Posted on 18.03.11
Easy A DVD Release
Posted on 11.03.11
Sucker Punch Trailer
Posted on 04.03.11
Oscar Predictions 2011
Posted on 18.02.11
X-Men: First Class Trailer
Posted on 11.02.11
Winter's Bone DVD Release
Posted on 04.02.11
Oscar Nominations Announced
Posted on 28.01.11
No Strings Attached Trailer
Posted on 20.01.11
New Spider-Man Pictures
Posted on 14.01.11
Worst Films of 2010
Posted on 07.01.11
Best Films of 2010
Posted on 17.12.10
Smurfs Trailer
Posted on 03.12.10
Disney 50
Posted on 26.11.10
Your Highness Trailer
Posted on 19.11.10
Skyline Trailer
Posted on 12.11.10
Gulliver's Travels Trailer
Posted on 05.11.10
London Film Festival Roundup
Posted on 29.10.10
Unstoppable Trailer
Posted on 18.10.10
The Tempest Trailer
Posted on 11.10.10
True Grit Trailer
Posted on 04.10.10
The Tourist Trailer
Posted on 27.09.10
Adjustment Bureau Trailer
Posted on 20.09.10
2010 London Film Festival Lineup
Posted on 10.09.10
2010 FrightFest Special
Posted on 03.09.10
2010 FrightFest Kick-Off
Posted on 27.08.10
Black Swan Trailer
Posted on 20.08.10
Easy A Trailer
Posted on 13.08.10
2010 FrightFest Line-Up
Posted on 06.08.10
Dinner For Schmucks Trailer
Posted on 30.07.10
Machete Trailer
Posted on 22.07.10
Social Network Trailer
Posted on 16.07.10
Green Hornet Trailer
Posted on 09.07.10
New Spider-Man Casting
Posted on 02.07.10
2010 Edinburgh Film Festival Roundup
Posted on 28.06.10
Captain America Costume
Posted on 11.06.10
2010 Edinburgh Film Festival Lineup
Posted on 04.06.10
Scott Pilgrim vs The World Trailer
Posted on 01.06.10
Megan Fox Leaves Transformers
Posted on 21.05.10
The Power of Online Communities
Posted on 14.05.10
Other Guys Trailer
Posted on 07.05.10
Adele Blanc-Sec Trailer
Posted on 04.05.10
2010 Cannes Lineup
Posted on 26.04.10
Avengers Director Rumours
Posted on 20.04.10
Cherrybomb Trailer
Posted on 09.04.10
Expendables Trailer
Posted on 01.04.10
Captain America Casting
Posted on 29.03.10
New Iron Man 2 Trailer
Posted on 22.03.10
Eclipse Trailer
Posted on 12.03.10
Oscars 2010
Posted on 08.03.10
BAFTAs Winners 2010
Posted on 26.02.10
2010 BAFTAs
Posted on 19.02.10
Runaways Trailer
Posted on 12.02.10
2010 Oscar Nominations
Posted on 05.02.10
2010 Film Preview
Posted on 29.01.10
Prince of Persia Trailer
Posted on 22.01.10
A-Team Trailer
Posted on 15.01.10
Best Films 2009
Posted on 08.01.10
Best Films of the Decade
Posted on 18.12.09
Best and Worst Films of 2009
Posted on 11.12.09
Thor Casting News
Posted on 04.12.09
Uncertainty Trailer
Posted on 26.11.09
Kick-Ass Film Trailer
Posted on 20.11.09
Spider-Man 4 Casting Rumours
Posted on 13.11.09
Lucky Luke Trailer
Posted on 06.11.09
London Film Festival News
Posted on 30.10.09
Post Credits Scenes
Posted on 09.10.09
2009 London Film Festival Line-Up
Posted on 02.10.09
The September Issue DVD
Posted on 24.09.09
Death of Patrick Swayze
Posted on 18.09.09
Raindance 2009 Preview
Posted on 11.09.09
The Men Who Stare at Goats Trailer
Posted on 04.09.09
Avatar Screenings
Posted on 28.08.09
FrightFest 2009
Posted on 21.08.09
Gentlemen Broncos Trailer
Posted on 14.08.09
Death of John Hughes
Posted on 07.08.09
Venice Film Festival Line-Up
Posted on 31.07.09
Alice in Wonderland Trailer
Posted on 24.07.09
Scarlett Johanssons Black Widow Costume
Posted on 17.07.09
Jennifer's Body Trailer
Posted on 10.07.09
The Death of Karl Malden
Posted on 03.07.09
Top Ten Edinburgh Film Festival Films
Posted on 29.06.09
Edinburgh Film Festival Parties
Posted on 26.06.09
Edinburgh Film Festival 2009
Posted on 26.06.09
Death of David Carradine
Posted on 12.06.09
Guy Ritchies Sherlock Holmes
Posted on 04.06.09
Cannes Roundup
Posted on 29.05.09
Cannes Film News
Posted on 22.05.09
Nine Trailer
Posted on 15.05.09
Edinburgh Film Festival Lineup
Posted on 08.05.09
Brothers Bloom News
Posted on 30.04.09
2009 Cannes Line-up
Posted on 24.04.09
Scarlett Johansson in Iron Man 2
Posted on 17.04.09
Star Trek Sneak Preview
Posted on 09.04.09
Mash-Up Trailers
Posted on 03.04.09
Where The Wild Things Are Trailer
Posted on 27.03.09
Funny People Trailer
Posted on 20.03.09
Ozploitation Season
Posted on 13.03.09
2010 Oscar Predictions
Posted on 06.03.09
Transformers 2 Trailer
Posted on 27.02.09
Oscar Shorts
Posted on 20.02.09
Oscar Predictions
Posted on 16.02.09
Christian Bale Outburst
Posted on 09.02.09
Viral Videos
Posted on 30.01.09
2009 Oscar Nominations
Posted on 23.01.09
2009 Film Preview
Posted on 16.01.09
Oscars and Golden Globes
Posted on 09.01.09
Worst Movies of 2008
Posted on 02.01.09
Top Ten Films of 2008
Posted on 18.12.08
Twilight Phenomenon
Posted on 11.12.08
Bill and Ted Film News
Posted on 08.12.08
Captain America Movie News
Posted on 24.11.08
Rereleased Films
Posted on 17.11.08
Role Models
Posted on 11.11.08
London Film Festival 2008
Posted on 03.11.08
Inglourious Basterds
Posted on 17.10.08
Sherlock Holmes Movie News
Posted on 10.10.08
Paul Newman RIP
Posted on 02.10.08
The Curious Case of Sherlock Holmes and Benjamin Button
Posted on 26.09.08
Clash of the Zombie Strippers and Quantum of Solace (Again)
Posted on 19.09.08
London Film Festival
Posted on 11.09.08
RIP Gravelly-Voiced Trailer Guy and Kevin Smith’s New Porn Film
Posted on 04.09.08
FrightFest Wrap Up and a Few Words About RocknRolla
Posted on 29.08.08
Watchmen in Court and Sex Drive’s Guilty Pleasure
Posted on 22.08.08
A RIP for Two Soul Men and Dubya's Film Debut
Posted on 15.08.08
Buffy Fails to Rise From the Dead and a Dumbledore-tastic Harry Potter
Posted on 07.08.08
A DVD Rant and the Day the Earth Went Whoa
Posted on 31.07.08
Gandalf Returns and Watchmen’s Finally Here… Almost
Posted on 24.07.08
The One Where They Don’t Make A Movie and Dr Horrible Sings
Posted on 18.07.08
The Year’s Top Ten (So Far) and Hellboy on the Loose
Posted on 10.07.08
The (Maybe) Striking Actors and Bond 22’s First Trailer
Posted on 07.07.08
A Worthwhile (if Tiring!) Edinburgh Film Festival
Posted on 27.06.08
Edinburgh Film Fest Report and The Crummy Mummy
Posted on 19.06.08
More Internet Wonders and the Return of Hellboy
Posted on 12.06.08
The Wonders of the Internet and Burn After Reading
Posted on 05.06.08
A Spoiler-Filled Take on Indy and Casting The Avengers
Posted on 29.05.08
A Severe Case of Cannes Envy and Igor Goes to the Movies
Posted on 22.05.08
Post-Credits Scenes Take Two and The Truth Is Out There
Posted on 15.05.08
The 2008 Edinburgh Film Fest and WALL-E Is Landing
Posted on 08.05.08
After the Credits Roll and The Lost
Posted on 01.05.08
The Spallness Factor and Get Smart This Summer
Posted on 24.04.08
The SAG Negotiates and In Praise of Zooey Deschanel
Posted on 17.04.08
Grindhouse’s Spoof Trailers and the Belgian Groundhog Day
Posted on 10.04.08
Dreading Indy and Waiting for War
Posted on 03.04.08
The Talented Mr Minghella and Being Stanley Kubrick
Posted on 27.03.08
The Worst Films of 2007 and an Incredible New Hulk Trailer
Posted on 20.03.08
The Big Apple and A Very Odd Couple
Posted on 13.03.08
Midnight Movies and The Moustache
Posted on 06.03.08
The Aftermath of the Oscars and Bourne 4
Posted on 28.02.08
The Oscars are Back On and a Kid’s Book on the Big Screen
Posted on 21.02.08
BAFTA Results and What’s Next for the Coen Brothers
Posted on 14.02.08
Another Comic Comes To Life and More Awards Talk
Posted on 06.02.08
Quantum of Solace - Should They Have Stuck With Bond 22?
Posted on 01.02.08
Oscar Season and A Tribute To Heath Ledger
Posted on 25.01.08
Will the Writers Strike Mean a Bigger BAFTAS Turn-Out?
Posted on 17.01.08

Blog comments by Matthew Turner

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Cannes Film Festival Envy
Commented on 18.05.11 @ 11:50
Thanks, bexter2001, if that *is* your real name. I would love to
pretend that you'd fallen for the old Deliberate Mistake To Guarantee
Comments On Blog ploy, but it's a fair cop. It is indeed Ryan Gosling
who is in Drive and not My Good Friend Ryan Reynolds, but I'll leave
the mistake in and hope that more people are driven to the comments as a result.

Incidentally, I've added an extra film to the list above (The Artist).
One Day Film Trailer
Commented on 18.05.11 @ 11:08
Hi LizzieJ. The official FDA site for film release dates in the UK (see below) has it listed as August 26th - I took it from there. I've just double-checked and it's still August 26th. That could change, but that's the current official UK release date.
Superhero Casting News
Commented on 18.05.11 @ 11:05
Since writing that blog I've seen a *third* version of the jar with "New Rack" written on it. Can't wait to see which one makes it into the finished film...
2010 FrightFest Line-Up
Commented on 13.02.11 @ 16:30
I'm afraid it does sometimes happen that reviews are on the site even though the films aren't showing everywhere. However, the films should eventually make it to the different city venues - did you manage to catch it in the end? If not, it's out on DVD now...
Easy A Trailer
Commented on 13.02.11 @ 16:23
I'm based in London, so it was showing here, though I first saw it at the Edinburgh Film Festival. The reviews show across all the View sites so that happens occasionally, I'm afraid. It's out on DVD now though - did you see it in the end?
Black Swan Trailer
Commented on 13.02.11 @ 16:22
So she is! Well spotted. I completely missed that at the time. Thanks, Yojimbo!
2010 FrightFest Kick-Off
Commented on 13.02.11 @ 16:19
Good spot! I hadn't realised that. It wouldn't surprise me though.
True Grit Trailer
Commented on 13.02.11 @ 16:16
It's a proper thing! I didn't just make it up. Celebrity deaths *always* seem to come in threes. Lots and lots of examples over the years, e.g. Lady Diana, Mother Theresa else died around the same time.
Skyline Trailer
Commented on 13.02.11 @ 16:15
I agree. It made my Top Ten of 2010 over Top Story 3. I am secretly hoping it nabs the Best Animated Film Oscar, as I can't quite see them giving the award to a film with a 3 in the title, regardless of how good it is.
Disney 50
Commented on 13.02.11 @ 16:13
I don't think they're counting direct-to-DVD sequels as (ahem) "canon". The 50 is theatrical releases only, I think. You're talking about things like Aladdin 2, right?

I can't *wait* to see The Great Mouse Detective. Very excited.
Worst Films of 2010
Commented on 13.02.11 @ 16:11
You're welcome! Thanks for commenting. Hanna does look like a lot of fun, I agree. She's a terrific actress too - this is a very interesting choice for her and not something I'd have expected. I hope it's good.
New Spider-Man Pictures
Commented on 13.02.11 @ 16:03
It was never going to be a pre-Spider-Man prequel in that sense. I think what they mean is that he's still going to be at high school (as in the early Ditko comics), whereas the first Raimi film jumps to Peter working in New York and all you really get in high school is that bit with the tray. I agree with you though - I think it's much too soon to reboot the franchise, but I'm a huge Spider-Man fan too so no doubt I'll come around...
A-Team Trailer
Commented on 20.01.10 @ 08:20
Thank you! I've just mailed them.
2010 Oscar Predictions
Commented on 13.03.09 @ 22:21
Brilliant, isn't it? Absolutely inspired.
Transformers 2 Trailer
Commented on 13.03.09 @ 22:13
Thank you, Anonymous! You are too kind.
Role Models
Commented on 17.11.08 @ 18:20
Well, that's true, of course. Lucas has got time on his hands though, surely? Come on, Lucas! Share with us your thoughts on the logistics of the Shia LaBeouf: Lord of the Monkeys scene!
The Curious Case of Sherlock Holmes and Benjamin Button
Commented on 11.10.08 @ 02:19
Body of Lies is out on November 21st. I haven't seen it yet.
Post-Credits Scenes Take Two and The Truth Is Out There
Commented on 16.06.08 @ 22:39
They have, but I suspect no-one will mind all that much. I'm still waiting to hear who'll play Captain America. I refuse to get excited about reports that 'Marvel want DiCaprio for Cap' until he actually signs on the dotted line. Unlikely, admittedly, but it shows they're aiming high.
After the Credits Roll and The Lost
Commented on 06.05.08 @ 22:04
Thanks for that, Anonymous (and thanks for all your previous comments too!) I was about to email the editor to get that line taken out. I was aware of the post-credits scene (hence me sitting through the credits twice) but the UK PR swore blind that it had been dropped from UK prints. It turns out that it had been dropped from the prints shown to critics but not the theatrical prints. Infuriating. I should have known something was up when they denied that the scene even existed (well after it was already up on YouTube). I shall amend the blog accordingly.
Grindhouse’s Spoof Trailers and the Belgian Groundhog Day
Commented on 26.04.08 @ 13:49
thedalyemail > Sadly, I saw it a couple of years ago at the Edinburgh Film Festival and, as yet, there's no sign of it getting a decent release (hence its inclusion in the "Please Release Me" section). That's not to say it won't get one eventually - there are several films coming out soon that were at the same festival, so keep an eye out. However, it's also available on, with English subtitles:
The Spallness Factor and Get Smart This Summer
Commented on 26.04.08 @ 13:41
I'm not being deliberately divisive! And I do rate Timothy Spall - it's just that I'm fed up with him playing whiny, blubbing losers, in much the same way that I'm fed up with seeing Robin Williams playing innocent man-child types. As long as Spall sticks to roles where he's not required to burst into tears about halfway through, everything will be fine. And for what it's worth, I really *am* looking forward to the Get Smart movie, though I accept that a) it may be rubbish and b) not everyone will share my looking-forward-to-it-ness.


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