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Weavers Fields Fireworks Display

Promising plenty in the way of fizzes, pops, bangs and crackles, the Weavers Fields fireworks display gives you the chance to celebrate Guy Fawkes Night in traditional style.

Free display
Lighting up the skies above Bethnal Green with a loud and colourful display, the Weavers Fields fireworks display is only event organised by Tower Hamlets Council for Bonfire Night this year. This wonderful display aims to be a more community focused event than in previous years, so come along and enjoy the display.

Colourful pyrotechnics
Visitors to the Weavers Fields fireworks display can expect plenty in the way of rockets, willows, Roman candles and chrysanthemums as the residents of east London come out to celebrate Bonfire Night in the usual style. It's now 409 years Guy Fawkes and his co-conspirators tried and failed to blow up the Houses of Parliament with gunpowder, and since then it's been the custom to mark the anniversary with bonfires, guys and pyrotechnics.

Wrap up warm
Bonfire Night is one of the highlights of the autumn calendar, and provides some welcome cheer in the midst of shorter days and colder weather. Wrap up warm with gloves, hats, scarves and thick coats and enjoy a night of free entertainment at the Weavers Fields fireworks display in Bethnal Green.

Kids friendly
As the 5th November falls on a Wednesday this year, most display's in London have decided to take place on the Saturday and Sunday before. Therefore, you can take the kids out for a full night of fireworks related fun safe in the knowledge that it's not a school night. The event at Weavers Fields is bound to a popular event with children and families, so get your oohs and ahhs ready and prepare to look skywards for a spectacular show.

The Weavers Fields fireworks display takes place from 7pm, Sunday 2nd November 2014. Admission is free.
Calendar 2014
Friday 31st October
Saturday 1st November
Sunday 2nd November
Wednesday 5th November
Friday 7th November
Saturday 8th November
Sunday 9th November
Event Information
When: Sunday 2nd November 2014
Where: Weavers Fields
From: 19.00
Admission: Free
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