Barry Manilow London Tickets
Barry Manilow London Tickets


23rd June 2016


The O2 Arena

Barry Manilow London tickets are available now to see one of the finest artists the world has ever seen take to the London stage to showcase his incredible live skills and wonderful hair. Given his continuing, irresistible appeal fans can expect Barry Manilow London tickets to be in very steep demand – a demand befitting a man of such irrepressible stature.

Buy Barry Manilow London tickets
Those fortunate enough to get their hands on Barry Manilow London tickets will be able to witness one of the finest showmen with which the music world has been blessed, capable of driving audiences into giddy frenzy with his beautiful voice, stage presence and hair. The Barry Manilow London concerts offers a rare chance to see this incredible talent live in London, so grab your tickets and be a part of music history.

There's no other way to describe Barry Manilow, as his legions of 'fanilows' will attest. And sure, he may look ever-so-slightly avian (especially with his feathery sleeves) but for the very best live performance, with some of the catchiest songs known to man, a Barry Manilow concert is just about as good as life can get. And The O2 Arena is quite possibly the best place in which to see him: big enough to feel like the kind of stadium concert in which Manilow revels, but also intimate enough for fans to feel close - connected, even - to the man himself.
Don't stop what you're doing, man. We're all inspired by you - Bob Dylan, 1988
The best of Barry Manilow
With a career spanning over four decades, Barry Manilow can draw upon one very impressive back-catalogue of hits, and whilst many will know all about songs such as Mandy, Can't Smile Without You and karaoke-favourite, Copacabana (At the Copa), there's much more to Barry Manilow's music. The O2 Arena concert will no doubt shower eager audiences with hits such as Could it be Magic, Looks Like We've Made It, Bermuda Triangle and I Made it Through the Rain, all of which showcase Barry Manilow's incredible musical craft.

Barry Manilow live in London
The songs are good, of that there is no doubt. However, the thing that really sets Manilow apart from his contemporaries is his impeccable skill on stage. Barry Manilow concerts are huge affairs - showpieces for one of the world's very finest entertainers. The O2 Arena concert promises to be every bit as engrossing, captivating and enthralling as those that made his name, as well as those legendary concerts in Las Vegas, that cemented Manilow's status as a beautifully coiffured icon of the music industry.
He's next - Sinatra, 1970s
The Greatest Love Songs of All Time
Manilow's most recent release was the smash-hit album, The Greatest Love Songs of All Time. It was a huge success, with Manilow tenderly caressing his way through a selection of beautiful songs, from Gershwin's Love Is Her To Stay through Bacharach's The Look of Love, all the way to Elvis Presley's Love Me Tender. It's a fantastic showcase of this great man's great voice, and those picking up tickets to the O2 Arena concert can expect to hear one or two from this superb album.

The O2 Arena and a UK Tour
The Barry Manilow London concert will take place as part of a number of dates around the UK, as the legendary crooner takes his legendary voice to the masses. Manilow is a self-confessed fan of London though, so expect him to put on a real show when he arrives in the capital. And to be a part of it, all you need to do is to pick up some tickets and prepare for one very special night with Barry Manilow, live in London.

Barry Manilow London tickets are available for the concert taking place on Thursday 23rd June 2016 at the O2 Arena. To purchase tickets please click the link below.

Barry Manilow Tickets

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