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Bodies The Exhibition at Earls Court

Bodies The Exhibition at Earls Court

Bodies The Exhibition at Earls Court is a unique event presenting the human body in all its biological glory. Visitors can learn about the science of the body in a series of detailed, graphic exhibits.




Earls Court

The human body in Bodies The Exhibition
A collection of 22 life-sized, whole human bodies are on display in Bodies The Exhibition, accompanied by 260 assorted organs and body parts. Stripped of their skin and plastinated in various poses, the exhibits are intended to show the science of human biology up close and personal.

A learning experience
Visitors can examine muscle formation, blood vessels and skeletal structure in a number of body types, including various sports players and a representation of Da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man. Bodies The Exhibition also showcases the effects of unhealthy living with exhibits such as a healthy lung beside one blackened by smoking.

Extreme science
The exhibition is an intriguing exploration into biological science where Londoners of all ages can get a deeper insight into what makes us tick. Visitors can expect to learn something in a uniquely engaging exhibition, exclusive at Earls Court.

Bodies The Exhibition took place at Earls Court in 2006. Adult tickets are £15.00, £10.00 with concession. Tickets for children under 16 are £10.00.

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