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London Naked Bike Ride

13 June 2015

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Hyde Park

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Not many people can say that they have cycled naked through the streets of the capital, but this year more than a thousand people are again expected to take part in the London naked bike ride to raise awareness of the need for more tolerance of bicycles on the road in the city. Last year's naked cyclists totalled around a thousand in London alone, with a further thousand bike riders taking part in events across the UK, and this year even more are set to get in the saddle in the nude.

Bare all
The London naked bike ride is a chance for all London cyclists to get out on their bikes and prove to the world that the bike is a great alternative mode of transport for travelling in the city. Partially a demonstration against oil dependency and the need to protect the environment and also a celebration of the freedom of cycling and the human body, the London event is part of the World Naked Bike Ride, which sees thousands of naked cyclists riding all over the world.

World wide event
Taking place on Saturday June 13th 2015, there will also be naked riders cycling through the streets of Brighton, Manchester, York and Hastings, as well as nudey protesters on their bikes in other cities around the globe. Riding under the slogan Real Rights for Bikes, the reason for the nudity is to highlight cyclists' vulnerability and to demonstrate the destructive nature of cars versus the environmentally friendly bicycle.

London event
Making demands for more cycle only areas and safer cycle lanes in all cities, the naked bike ride demonstration is a call for international action to halt climate change and encourage more people to use greener ways of travelling in their cities. The London naked bike ride will also go down in history as the largest ever naked protest in Britain if the total number of naked cyclists exceeds the estimated 1,000 participants.

Show some skin
Although totally naked riders will be taking part in the London naked bike ride, not everyone is obliged to strip off completely. Going as bare as you dare is the way forward, so expect to see plenty of cyclists in their pants, rather than completely au naturelle. But if you are a cyclist who likes the thought of riding in the buff, you can always go the whole way. If you would like to take part in the naked bike ride, click on the official link below for more information about the World Naked Bike Ride and the London event too.

London Naked Bike Ride Website

The London naked bike ride starts at various times from 2.30pm at six different assembly points - see the official site for details - on Saturday 13th June 2015.

Image courtesy of Bike Wars

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