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Moberly Sports Centre, Westminster Academy Sports Centre, and various outdoors venues

If you’d like to leap all about the capital looking like some sort of superhero without a fear of falling, look no further than Parkour London classes by a group called Parkour Generations. Whether you’re a karate champion or someone who can’t tie their own shoes without falling over, these classes will teach you to conquer your fears and perform all sorts of athletic feats.

What is Parkour?
Parkour, which originated in France, is a way of getting around objects in the quickest way possible, often by climbing, jumping or vaulting over them instead of just walking around them. Parkour is also sometimes called free running, which is thought of as a more aesthetic version of the techniques. Parkour is getting more and more attention thanks to media appearances and stunts in films..

Fitness level
Although hopefuls planning on signing up for Parkour London free running classes should have at least some degree of fitness, you definitely don’t have to be a stuntman in training in order to take a course. Everyone attending a class can fill out a physical fitness questionnaire, and from there the instructors will judge how much your body can handle. Students are encouraged to work hard, but at their own pace.

A typical class
Parkour freerunning classes are very disciplined, similar to a martial arts class. A lesson, which usually lasts for two hours, starts first with a half hour warmup to get all parts of your body moving. Then comes the exercises – core strength, foot placements, stealth and balance are all emphasized. Following that are movement drills, where students will practice certain Parkour techniques until they get it right. Then comes abdominal exercises and the warm down.

What to bring
Students attending a Parkour London course should wear comfortable clothes (a t-shirt, track bottoms and trainers are suggested, but make sure the trainers are not black soled so that they don’t leave marks) and also bring along water and a towel.

Parkour for kids
If you think that Parkour sounds like something that kids are fanatic about, you’d be right. Besides the adult classes, there are also ones offered for kids from 8 to 19. The Youth Academy lessons run from 6.30pm - 8.30pm each Friday at the Westminster Academy Sports Centre.

Indoor free running London courses sponsored by Parkour Generations take place Mondays and Thursdays from 7.30pm – 9.30pm at Moberly Sports Centre, and on also on Mondays from 7.30pm - 9pm at the Optimal Life Fitness Training Centre in Hither Green. Admission is £5.00. Weekly outdoor classes are held on Wednesdays and Fridays from 7pm - 8.30pm at different locations, and is by reservation only, £10.00. There is also a women's class on Thursdays, 7pm - 8.30pm; reservations are also required for these sessions. Private tuition is also available for £50 an hour. For more information on all classes, please click on the link below.

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