The Scoop Free Film Screenings
The Scoop Free Film Screenings


14th September - 30th September 2011


The Scoop at More London

Want to squeeze the last drop of cheer from the summer? Get a dose of culture and escape to the outdoors at The Scoop free film screenings.

Why you should go
If free films aren’t enough to get you to leave the couch at the end of the summer, getting out of your flat might just be near impossible. But if you do decide to venture outside to The Scoop, free film screenings are a very cool reward indeed.

Don’t miss
This year’s list of top films should be a perfect combination of classics and modern favourites. Old time classics include The African Queen, and there's also contemporary favourites such as The Social Network and Alice in Wonderland.

Modern classics Prefer a bit of bite to your films? Don’t miss modern classics like the Cohen brother's version of True Grit, the Oscar winning film The King's Speech and the animated gem The Illusionist. Also playing is the Patrick Swayze classic Dirty Dancing.

Chill out
The Scoop free film screenings are open to everyone and anyone, and because they’re completely free be sure to turn up early because huge crowds are inevitable. You can expect loads of families, skint students and anyone else that’s craving a night out and some time outdoors without having to fork out.

The Scoop free film screenings schedule looks like this:

Wednesday 14th September - Alice in Wonderland
Thursday 15th September - The King's Speech
Friday 16th September - Dirty Dancing

Wednesday 21st September - The Illusionist
Thursday 22nd September - The Social Network (tbc)
Friday 23rd September - The African Queen

Wednesday 28th September - The Manchurian Candidate
Thursday 29th September - Grease
Friday 30th October - True Grit

The Scoop free film screenings run Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, 14th September - 30th Spetmber 2011 at The Scoop at More London. The films start at 7.30pm and seats are on a first come first served basis. Films may be cancelled due to rain.
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