Twelfth Night at Bankside
Twelfth Night at Bankside


Sunday 4th January 2015


Bankside by Shakespeare's Globe

As the last day of Christmas approaches at the start of a brand new year, what better way to celebrate than at these Twelfth Night at Bankside events? This yearly tradition mixes ancient customs with modern festivities and offers loads of entertainment to try to beat the post-Christmas blues.

The Green Man
The most famous foliage-covered Englishman will be making an appearance at the Twelfth Night at Bankside festival, bedecked in holly for his traditional winter costume. If the weather’s nice enough, he’ll be brought up the river in the Thames Cutter by the Master Shipbroker to herald the celebrations. The Holly Man brings in the green to encourage good growth, and along with the Bankside Mummers will wassail the Thames, Shakespeare’s Globe and the people of London.

The Bankside Mummers
The Bankside Mummers lead the wassailing at Twelfth Night at Bankside, along with the Green Man. The Mummers will be dressed up as characters like the Turkey Sniper, Clever Legs and the Old ‘Oss, and after the wassailing they’ll head towards the Bankside Jetty to perform a traditional freestyle comic folk play. Based on the story of St. George, the play dates back to the time of the crusades and guarantees loads of panto-style one liners and boisterous shouting.

King Bean and Queen Pea
After the Mummers’ play, the crowd will be given special cakes that could contain a bean or a pea. Whoever gets the bean gets crowned King Bean, and whoever gets the pea is crowned Queen Pea. Make sure you don’t wolf down your cake without having a look inside of it first – you could miss your one and only chance to spend Twelfth Night at Bankside as London royalty.

A royal parade
The newly crowned King and Queen will lead the rest of the revellers in a parade through the streets of Bankside to Borough High Street. The 12th night parade ends at the historic George Inn, where there’ll be storytelling, dancing, and loads more Twelfth Night festivities.

Twelfth Night at Bankside takes place on Sunday 4th January 2015 at 2.30pm by Shakespeare’s Globe. Admission is free.
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